Can a Loan Really Secure Your Future and that of Your Family?

Loan Really Secure

Loans are often associated with emergencies and financial setbacks. People do understand that loans can bring fortunate times in our lives, but they tend to think that the good the loans bring generally comes after the bad and the worst.

Today, I will try my best to prove to you that that is not the case.

Loans need not always to seek tough times, yes, they do come I extremely handy then, but they can be levied in prosperity to bring in more prosperous times.

Why I Took The Loan?

I am a software programmer, and I was earning very well. I did not make millions of dollars, but I made enough to save enough after spending enough on my family and myself.

The day my wife told me that we were going to be parents again was the day I decided to change how I managed my finances.

Yes, I was earning plenty, but

I did not make enough to send my parents on an international trip every year.

I did not make enough to gift my wife diamonds on her birthday and our anniversary.

I did not make enough to buy my children anything and everything that they put their finger on.

For many, this would seem like an unreasonable desire, but this was my life’s goal. I come from a very humble family, and my parents could not give me most of the things that I wanted. Although I love my parents, even more than I love my children, I did not want my children to wish for something and not have them.

So, when an opportunity arose to invest in a startup, I decided to grab it with both hands.

I was aware of how investments worked.

Therefore, I signed a formal contract that would make me part-owner of the company and get a substantial return on my investment. When the owner agreed, I decided to arrange the money.

I need to invest 100 grand in the company. I had about 75,000 pounds saved up for our future; however, I did not want to spend all of that.

So, the loan agencies in Ireland helped me secure 50 grand, and I was all set to become an investor.

Why It Changed My Life?

Many thought of me is to be a fool to expend the majority of my savings and take on a loan that big to invest in a company, which may go bankrupt tomorrow.

But I was not a fool at all.

I became a part-owner to get voting rights in the decisions the founder made and vetoed his ruling when I thought his direction was not appropriate.

And trust me, it is happened more than a couple of times, and the owner was not too happy with me. However, today we are the best of friends.

The ability to know where your money is going and have a say in its utilisation can change the outcome of an investment for the investor.

Because I had that, I made sure that the company grew with time, and with my expertise in software programming and the founder’s vision, we were able to maneuver through the losses to find a flourishing landing in the business world.

For the people who thought I was a fool to take that loan, let me tell you that I could return the fifty grand in just 13 months.

My finances have never looked as appealing as they do today.

Why I am Where I am? 

The loan that I took from one of the leading loan agencies in Ireland changed my life. Today, I am as financially secure as I am because of that loan and the agency that trusted me enough to give it to me.

You should also know that I did not stop investing in that one company.

I have invested in two more startups, and I plan on becoming a lender myself so that I can also give people like me to change their future for the better.

If I had not taken the decision to acquire a loan and had been satisfied with my income, I would not have seen the success and the bank balance that I have now.

And I could not be more proud of myself for taking that leap of faith.

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