The fright of the COVID-19 has been constant since the beginning of 2020. People all over the world are trying to prevent themselves from being a victim. Every day new horrifying figures surface on the news channels and social media that are making people’s mind filled with the trepidation of the impending doom.

The plight of Italy is the most devastating, with over 7500 people already dead and no sign of a reprieve anytime soon. On average, about 650 Italians die because of this virus. Even though Ireland’s condition is nowhere close to the devastation witnessed by Italy, precaution is the only cure. According to the latest updates, almost 1400 people have been reported as being infected by the disease, with five dead.

To avoid the infected count from rising, on Wednesday, the Irish government had announced a nationwide lockdown. Although self-quarantine was already in practice, this announcement has imposed a shutdown of all the unnecessary businesses. Cafes, restaurants and malls will not be open until this pandemic has waned.


Even if the entire world has shut down, with barely a single-vehicle saw on the roads, people would still have needs that mandate to be fulfilled. Food is on the top of the list. Items like milk, bread and vegetables are the most basic requirements for the survival of every person on this planet.

For this purpose, the government has ensured that every citizen would get the necessary amenities without any problem. The grocery shops and hospitals will be open, and the garbage trucks would come every few days. All this is done so that the people don’t suffer any more than they have to.


I will tell you a sad truth. When a time of crisis comes, inflation always accompanies it. So be ready to experience and pay for the rise in the prices of essential commodities. Since this time, the crisis we are facing is a pandemic, and its repercussions are going to be too brutal to endure.

What does a man do when asked to choose between his life and his work? The answer is easy to say than accept. For the people who are employed in more prominent companies, they have the option of working from home.

What about the ones, who have to be outside to earn their income like taxi drivers and dock workers? 

What about the people who are not part of any organisation, but self-employed like salon and restaurant owners?

What about the people who were asked to go on unpaid leaves because there was no work for them to do like flight attendants and travel agents?

What does this lot of society do? How do they survive without any means of income? The rising inflation and nationwide lockdown have brought their world to a standstill. They have nothing to look forward to.


The pandemic has only wreaked havoc upon the lives of people and upon the economies of the world. Businesses are being shut down like it’s the end of time. People lack resources to fulfil their basic needs. The ones who have savings can dip into them, but what about the people who don’t?

There has to be a way to get out of these terrible times. The government is doing its best by providing as much funding as possible to the people who need. Even with the government’s best efforts, financial aid will not be received by everyone who needs it although the assistance will provide relief, but not to all.

If the government, which is the most important institution of any country, is unable to ensure the financial health of its citizen, can there be any other body that can achieve this feat? The reason why any governmental aid would never be enough for all its citizens is that it never expects that money is to be returned. An organisation that will seek returns can solve the cash worries at such times.

Banks can help you, and so will the direct lenders. Online financing portals are the best option here because neither can you go out of your home when the entire country is on a quarantine nor should you put your life at risk. Since anyone who would want a loan would get it to compensate for the loss of income and fulfil the necessities, unsecured personal loans in Ireland are the safest bet. These loans do not have many obligations, hence are very easy to procure.

In the end, all I would like to say is that difficult times will come and go, today it is the fear of coronavirus, tomorrow it maybe something else. However, we always need to remember that overcoming a disaster only requires two things, one is your positive outlook, and the other is your sound financial health. If you maintain a satisfactory balance of these two, nothing can ever take you down.

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