How I Got Freedom from Being Financially Blacklisted?

Financially Blacklisted

I live in a farmhouse with my family, and it has been 20 years since I was 18 years old. My father retired from Navy services, and he decided to move back to his ancestral house to live a happy life. He always wanted to segregate us from the urban lifestyle to live a completely natural life.

When I was at a young age, I used to think of having a personal car, though we had a small car which was just enough for our family of three members. My father used to drive my mother and me to the city whenever we made our plans for shopping and a few amazing moments for me.

Unlike my father, I am obsessed with the city lifestyle and always wished for having that lifestyle. I graduated from high school in a remote village, and now the time came when I had to go out of the village for further studies.  I reached the city on my father’s pension; I took admission to a big university and claimed my admission there.

The dreams fulfilled

I had to live in a hostel or boys dormitory to stay there. I had to earn for myself the hostel fees and other expenses as my father had no extra money for me. He assembled everything for me, and now I had to manage all my work by myself.

Days went by, and the time came when I graduated with my bachelors from the university. There was a lot for me to do in my life. I got a college placement and started doing my job there. The job was great, and my salary was also perfect. This was what I was looking for.

Life in a city

I was impressed with my life, and there is another leisure developed inside my heart, and that was for a personal car. The owning of a personal car had been my dream, and with my fate, I successfully arranged a new car without the permission of my father.

I had been sending money to my family to support their personal well-being, but I forgot my virtues and obligations towards them due to life in the city. Erstwhile, I used to ask them for their health and different needs, but I forgot them all.

I drowned in the deep sea of personal desires and selfishness. I used to buy new cars in exchange for selling the old ones.  I used to dream of a luxurious car parked in front of my rental house. Yes, rental home, my craze for cars moved me to only look for them and not invest my money in the house.

Desperation for a new car

I was all set to buy a luxurious car, but the finances I had taken on buying earlier cars could not allow me to stand by my desires. My desperation for a new car increased at the level of retaining only the sense of buying a new car. 

Perhaps, my pocket, savings and income were not allowing me to own this car. I finally diverted to the finance section, and there I could not get anything in my favour.

The finances for cars were meant for satisfying my hunger for them, and the day came when I was not allowed to take more finances aggravated from these things. Along with the car craze, since every aspect of a luxurious lifestyle amazed me, I got into extreme debts.

The financers suspected me and reminded me to pay off the previous loans. The cars I had sold were not legal at all, and because of the different model of cars acquiring, I had to switch different modes of finance. Very soon, I found that I was blacklisted in the list of car financing.

Here I could manage my moves with the help of direct lenders. Actually, they are private lenders who provided me with the best assistance during hard times. They supported me with blacklisted no deposit car finance. This finance helped me in taking all efforts to repay other loans and seek for brighter future.           

What at the end

The very special zone of the time made me think that my father was too right, and then I knew why he hated city life and considered village life. I remembered how he was convincing me to come back, and now I was not in the position to show him my face again.

I was shattered with my silliest mistakes and now totally agreed with his words.

I came home back with a happy face after 5 years of those hurdles. I was delighted that now I was with no mistakes and kept all money in my savings. I started helping my father with the farmhouse business and attempted to grow it on another level.

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