Sensible Ways To Manage Many Loan Instalments In One Income


The ways to handle many loans in just one income can be beneficial for those who are single or for families with one breadwinner. Nowadays, it is challenging to make your ends meet in only one income. At some point, the need for financial assistance arises, and after exploiting all the available options, loans come into the picture. For some or other reason, borrowing funds become vital.

The challenge in personal finances mount when for varied reasons, you have to take many loans. Personal loan, car loan, a payday loan (oops!), holiday loan, short-term loan, maybe home loan and what not. Your bunch of financial obligations may differ a bit from this, but whatever it is, the loans soon start dominating your income-outgoing balance.

With all types of expenses, it is not only difficult but impossible to pay multiple instalments. You cannot fill a glass with water in its upside-down position. No matter how hard you try, but if all your earned money gets exhausted in managing expenses, it is crucial to develop a strategy.

Here are some of the ways that are advisable to manage multiple loan repayments in ONLY ONE INCOME.

Keep paying on time despite financial issues

It may sound weird, and you may think, what the heck?? It is what I am doing. But it would be best if you do this to avoid a more stressful situation.

  • Not paying on time causes the loan obligations to swell up in size due to increased interest and late payment penalties. It makes the payments even more difficult.
  • A threat that may occur to your job due to poor credit score and losing a job at this time can be a big mess. Besides, by paying regularly, you can keep the credit score in good condition that is necessary to get another financial product. With delayed instalments, you only create more problems.

Go for debt consolidation

Scattered finances can be handled well if you get an accumulator. Debt consolidation loans gather all your obligations (excluding the big ones like home loans) into one loan. They turn multiple instalments into one repayment and their different interest rates into one fixed price.

A sudden relief can be attained if you have only one payment to make. A big part of your income may get free after this. Debt consolidation is considered as one of the most promising ways to tackle the burden of many unsecured personal loans in Ireland. Do not forget to do in-depth research to get the best deals on the interest rates. After all, a considerable change should come otherwise why to rely on consolidation thing.

Embrace minimalistic life until you manage the loan instalments

Yes, that is true. Look around, countless people around the world are getting into the habit of living a life of minimalism. However, it is an art that demands practice and may take some time, but at some point, you need to start. Some helpful tips here can give direction.

  • Why take cable connection, watch videos and movies in your mobile
  • Washing machine consumes a lot of energy, wash your clothes by hands for a short time. This suggestion is only for the young and adult people. Please do not force the older ones.
  • Reduce your energy consumption or use energy-saving appliances.
  • Take a walk to the metro station and avoid the cab.
  • Make your food and stop ordering from online apps.

Keep adding more points that come in your mind.

Sell out your old car/bike and pay off anyone or more than one debt

By generating a decent amount of money, you can pay off a specific part of your debts. Selling off your car or motorbike can help to pay off a loan. Choose the one that is of high-interest rate and if the sale can pay it off ultimately, do not hesitate to take the step.

Either pay one big loan or pay several small loans like personal loans, text loans, payday loans etc. When next month, there will be no repayment for that particular debt, you will feel a hugely promising change in your finances.


Remember, something is always better than nothing. Give your best and work only on the possible options. When you get back the balance of financial life, make a rule, do not let your loan obligations multiply in number.

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