Buying a used car is really feasible? Let us check out

Buying a used car

When you buy a car, you feel boastful and enthusiastic, and an advent way of manner engrosses your mind and all senses to behave in such a unique case. You can be familiar with those of performing assets that you possess and now think for others as in the form of a car.

A car, being beneficial in today’s lifestyle, gives off the tremendous exploration of the number of jobs that were very difficult at once upon a time in history. But now as we are in modern society, the cars have been becoming a part of our life they are the integral source of performing asset.

A car makes the situation easy and feasible for everyone and sometimes makes its movement hiked with the greatest accomplishment of challenging nearing tasks. It can accumulate the concerned and viable anatomy of owner’s thinking and drives him as per his wishes.

Last year, due to COVID outbreak, we were not getting the chances to pay our attention to buy cars. Things were not allowing us to spend our money on such hard money bearing load, and still, we are deferred to analogue the way it exists in our lives.

We all are facing the situation yet to get resolved, and no one could represent its solution until the right time. Many people might think of dealing the emergencies with having cars. If cars were there with them, they would have taken easy access to their wounds’ worthwhile treatment.

Through this blog, I acclaim the sources of expressing my thoughts over buying used cars over the new one. How it will help retain your pocket value and justify the reasons for assuring financial assistance through direct lending.

Reasons to buy used cars

In this blog, I am going to explore five reasons to buy used instead of new.

While used cars can mean anything from a month old to a new edition, focusing on nearly new cars can be more reliant.

Saving Money and Great depreciation factor

  • Indeed new cars are enticing zero miles, no previous owners. Factory warranties and that ever-coveted new car smell but you are throwing your money away. It is not an opinion, and it is a fact.
  • As soon as you drive that brand spanking new car off the lot. It depreciates by an average of 10 per cent. For example, if you just paid 20k pounds for a new car, it later worth 18K pounds by mile one and if you are financing that means your car is now worth a less than the loan you took out for.
  • It continues to depreciate overtime another average 10 per cent over the first year of ownership, then 15 to 25 per cent over the next four years. 
  • Eventually, some cars become classics and start to appreciate, but that takes many years for you, and your family will not become a rare commodity by the year 2050. Save your money and save yourself from the hassle.


  • If you limit yourself to what they have available on the new car lots, you are limiting yourself to this year’s model.  Whatever colours they have or transmissions they possess and so on.
  • Choosing from the used market even within the nearly new range of five or so years, you have such a wider variety of options to choose from and with a little patience, you have a better chance of pinpointing exactly what you want.          

Drive your dream car for less

  • Find a model that is one or two years old still low miles and under factory warranty. You might be able to find a fully loaded version for less than a brand new base model, and you will save a bundle.
  • Drive the better car for less. A premium brand or premium trim level is essential to you. Shopping the used market opens up a world of affordable possibilities.
  • Dreams cars for less good cars for less.

Easier financing easier credit approval

Getting approved for financing or leasing on a new car can be challenging. It is not up only to a dealership; rather, the car company themselves can be quite strict.

You might indeed pay a slightly higher interest rate on a used vehicle loan as a rule used vehicles are cheaper, so you have a better chance for approval.      

Finalising with financial modes

But many times, even pocket does not allow them. However, they could equip themselves with the financial stability to modify their concerns in an opportunity by filing for the loans from external financial sources. 

They can find their easy and way more straightforward access to the credit union for a car loan, specified for the working class and the lower and upper-middle class. Now they can bring a car in their lives and hope for the best comings in their lives.

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