Preventing from growing rich- how can it be controlled?

Preventing from growing rich

One of the most successful books in the personal space is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Almost every successful person I know of has read that one way or the other sometime in their lives, including all of us.

Most people do not understand the book or read the book with what I call a filter. They do not get what Napoleon Hill was trying to teach and the message, the lesson he wants to convey. So how do you think and grow rich?

By thinking and growing rich, it does not mean you sit there, do nothing, and meditate, and then money will fall in your lap, which is not thinking and growing rich. This is called meditate and grow poor. Now, if you read the book itself, almost everybody likes the first chapter, desire.

Why critical thinking?

Having the desire and having the focus, having that drive to be successful. Everybody loves that chapter. But the chapter that I think is the most important that almost nobody talks about is the 11th principle of achievement, which is accurate thinking.

What does accurate thinking mean? It is not related to critical thinking. Critical thinking is analysing the agenda and thoughts of others. Accurate thinking is you are looking at any situation or yourself or whatever is happening. It is when you realise what is wrong and right.

It is the most challenging task, and anything that we do is most reliable and relevant. Whether in business, sales, marketing, and everything we have to get invested and engaged ourselves in, are to be required to place with thinking time.

We need to have the ability to think like a business sport, creating wealth and becoming successful is an intellectual. Not necessarily just how smart you are but the ability to consider what is going on. Most people do not think enough as it is the most demanding work.

What do I mean by thinking? Does that mean you lock yourself in a room and sit there and let whatever thoughts come to mind, and that is thinking? It is the most valuable skill, the most valuable lesson that we can learn.

Through this blog, I shall be creating the lessons that inhibit most of the horrible habits that keep you from growing rich and maintain this lifestyle from getting harboured from a financial crunch and make you financially induced.

Additionally, I will be coordinating with the side of the financial aid by the side and the claiming denominations.

The woeful habits

Every fund has some mean

  • In our lives, there could be any financial surprises, and we can come across costly emergencies. In all lives, every small and tiny fund is better than nothing.
  • When you have a helping hand with cash flow, it can help you reduce the stress, which navigates financial hardships.
  • If you are self-employed, it is real-time when you put your earned money directly from the working accounts to saving accounts weekly or monthly.
  • If you do not hold this habit, then loans can be for you. You can apply for doorstep loans in Ireland to cover this hold.

Ignoring about retirement

  • It is very tough to think over the golden age of your old age, even harder when you are a new graduate or working in an entry based job.
  • When you start investing, there is no need for a particular time to think for it and get enforced yourself to fill for retirement policy.
  • You can go with the external financial help to accumulate depends on the factors of start investing, even if you do not possess any savings.
  • You can help direct lenders as in demanding them with provident loans to sustain your senile age.

Intend for impulse purchases

  • There is a reason why too many people have sunk in the deep well of debts by spending too much on impulse purchases.
  • Addiction to anything, simply says of shopping, drinking, eating, travelling, entertainment etc. cannot be harmonious with your pocket. 
  • Only you can alter these addictions by making reforms in the habits and thus inculcate these excellent performing mantras for life as mentioned below:
  1. Buying things according to the budget.
  2. Waiting for maximum hours to do the next shopping
  3. Buying those of truly useful things
  • You can go with the doorstep loans in Dublin to manipulate the expenses and keep money safe.


Considering finance in keeping savings in saving accounts is the deferment source to sustain the run from going into vain from the exceeding monetary persuasiveness with the cash flow, whether it is from the external sources. 

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