Dealing with Gender Biasness by Initiating Private Counselling

gender biasness

I have been pampered in a family of several siblings, including six brothers and five sisters. The number of girls is less as compared to that of boys. We all have been growing with our seniors’ words that girls should not be educated more and must help in domestic chores.

We followed their words, and now I am live evidence that those words worked well to put my sisters under the peer pressure of their in-laws family and their husbands. If they were educated, they could have turned the tables and run away ahead of the good life.

But what resisted them from education; our family, society, or self-responsibility for their current position. Now there is no profit in playing the blame game. We all are responsible for their condition. Our social structure allows us to prejudice them based on gender.

If every girl in the family had not been deprived of education, we would not need to discuss gender biasness. This comes from our very own conscience towards the woman and its natural body conformation.

Through this blog, we shall try to recall the reasons for prejudice against women, its social manipulation, and finance’s role in conducting its abolishment.

What is gender biasness?

When there is a preference for discrimination against a particular part or gender by the other part or gender, we commonly call it gender biasness. Generally, this dominance of males over its female counterpart legalizes the way to make it happen.

In history, we have seen that no equal labour and wages were given to female workers. They were considered as objectifying materials. They were treated as a commodity of exchange and were deprived of any financial work. They had to cover themselves so that no men could see through them and other mental abnormalities among those times.

Also, today, most of the countries of the west under equal opportunities. People are now getting more aware of providing extra benefits to women, but few are still with the ancient concept.

Role of Bigotry

Bigotry also played it partly to demean the role of women in society. People do not spare any chance to pass sexist comments against women. No doubt, social media platforms are the blessings from them and can abuse any woman more efficiently without any charge.

This natural tendency of nature goes wide with the impacts violently on women and violates women’s aspirations and hopes for working equally to men and thus conducting gender violence.

Women as second priority

Women are considered subordinate to men, and it reflects their innate inferiority towards this social theory. It causes discrimination and violence against them. The legal approach of violence against women comprises physical and psychological violence, prevention of sexual and practical freedom.

Women are expected to have feelings but have no right even to express it. This is a far point of oppression.

What can counselling do?

Counselling is the procedure to inculcate good feelings and habits by showing him examples and variant other symbols of kindness towards each other and even to lifeless things.

Counselling can make women stronger and empower them, which can help reduce the gap between gender diversity. Women should be made self-reliant and self-dependent, which is only possible by special counselling for them.

We have to urge them to achieve gender equality by building leadership qualities and every sector of the economy. We should endeavour to create a society in which they should feel secure in every aspect. No one can either look upon them with lusty glaze.

Empowerment must be needed

Moreover, women must be trained enough to adopt self-safety measures and not approach others for their help. The need of the hour is that; they should take up the command of their own and not depend on others for their work.

However, those days had gone when women were to be made limited to their beauty. They were confined with the identity of a diligent daughter, beautiful wife, caring mother, and a free income maid. They are now working as the counterpart to men.

They have reached on highest positions. In the field of education and business, they have crossed the height of men. They are now killing many stereotype mentalities and have proved themselves leading home and office simultaneously.

They are drivers, doctors, engineers, acrobats, astronauts, scientists, teachers, athletes, armed services, etc. It means no sector is denied of women indulgence.

Financial aid

Either for opening a counselling session or initiating a movement to disclose the oppression and making the women empower in every field of life, a financial approach must be available.

Moreover, this need can be conquered by applying the loans such as personal loans in Ireland and even available for bad credit.


It is necessary to say that only patriarchal society can overhaul this social structure, and this could be made possible by making the women self-dependent and provided with freedom. All men must support their decisions and respect their dignity.

Because the world can be run with the help of both.

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